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   Q: How do I know my child is ready for preschool?

   A: If your child is 3 or 4 (by Sept 1st of the intended school year), then they are eligible to enroll in our preschool program! Although children who have already mastered some of their self help skills, like putting on their own coats, may find the transition easier, we are here to assist parents in helping children learn independence.  We work with children that are at many different developmental levels and abilities.

   Q: What if my child is barely younger than the age cutoff?

   A: We do our best to stick to the same September 1st cutoff as the public schools, in order that one of our students, accepted early, would not be turned away from Kindergarten for being too young.  Sometimes, though, special circumstances do apply.  We handle those on a case-by-case basis, depending on the child’s abilities and our available space.  

   Q: What if my child isn’t ready to give up nap, but is enrolled in the PM class?

   A: In our experience, if a child is of preschool age, they’ll adjust. In a bright, active classroom of their peers, and with ample time to exercise and run around outside, kids will adopt a similar energy level. We do not suggest trying to “wean” children off naps at home, because the home environment is the familiar ground. The classroom environment is so vastly different than home, that it’s naturally more conducive to an alert child. It might be necessary in the first few days of school to adjust the naptime around class time, but children tend to get used to new, consistent schedules quickly.  

   Q: Will you help my child if they’re struggling in the bathroom?

   A: Absolutely! We do ask that students are independent in the bathroom. By this, we simply mean that the student basically knows what to do in the bathroom, and when they need a bathroom.  If we can see a student trying but struggling, we’re always happy to help them. Our goal is to empower the child to become independent, we often need to show children how to do certain tasks many times.  

   Q: What if my child has a potty accident at school?
We have a box of clothes in our cupboard just in case.  When in a new situation, many children have accidents, even if they are well potty trained.  We take care of business, help get them changed, then ask parents to clean and return our clothes to us.  

   Q: Just how religious is your program?

   A: We are a Christian preschool that is open to anyone who wishes their child to be strongly prepared for Kindergarten. Our students learn that God, in His Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), loves each one of us, that Jesus is our Savior, and faith in Jesus is the only way to salvation. We learn that God desires us to be good and love one another as He loves us!  We have daily Bible lessons including monthly memory verses.  Although we will always teach the Christian faith, we welcome students from all different faiths and belief systems.    

   Q: What sort of volunteer opportunities are available to me?

   A: Typically, two teachers in the classroom are enough. Occasionally, one of the teachers will need to miss a day or more of school for professional or personal reasons. In this case, we ask one parent per class to help out as another authority figure.  

   Q: Do you take donations?

Yes! The things we are usually in need of around the classroom are: tissues, napkins, small plates, small cups, and select-a-size paper towels. We’ve had parents donate toys and art supplies in the past, but with the size of our classroom, there simply isn’t room to store very much.  

   Q: Do you ever leave the school grounds?

We meet outside of the classroom twice a year: once, for a fall OR spring field trip, and a second time for our end-of-the-year Park Day. In both instances, it is up to parents to transport their own child or arrange a carpool with another family.  

   Q: Is school ever cancelled?

   A: If the Boise Public Schools ever closes for a snow day, we will as well, due to our location within their ‘boundaries’. Otherwise, we will continue with class as usual. It is a good idea to listen to the local news on days of bad weather, as we do not have a way to call every student’s family before class time.  

   Q: How do you deal with student allergies?

We do not allow nuts of any kind on the premises. Beyond that, and depending on the severity of the allergy, we typically ask parents of students with allergies to provide a supply of suitable snacks, to be substituted for their child’s portion of whatever the offending snack is. We always have water to offer, in lieu of milk or juices.  

   Q: What should I do if my child is sick?

Children with fevers, vomiting, or diarrhea within the past 24 hours, or who are acting unusually lethargic should miss a day of preschool.  Children recovering from colds/ coughs may attend as these symptoms can linger.   We have an ample supply of tissues and a hand washing sink in our classroom. In terms of preventing the spread germs, the whole class is required to wash their hands at each bathroom break, and our table surfaces are cleaned off three times per class.