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   1. To provide growth in the following areas: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual

   2. To provide a loving and secure environment where 3/4/5 year-olds can learn to know Jesus as their Savior and true Friend.

   3. To provide opportunities to help children have a positive self-concept which includes accepting themselves and their limitations and recognizing the talents God has given them.

   4. To provide guidance as the child begins learning how to take part in small and large group activities.

   5. To provide academic experiences which will expand and enhance the child's readiness for school. This will include thematic teaching, pre-reading print concepts, phonemic awareness, and beginning math concepts.

*All of these areas will be taught with an emphasis on our love for Christ and His children.

**Further goals and policies can be found in our downloadable handbook.

   1. Learning toys, centers, arts & crafts

   2. Circle/Lessons

   3. Bible time

   4. Recess

   5. Snack

   6. Lessons

Beautiful Savior Preschool is in session from September to May.  We follow a school schedule that includes the usual 3 day holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks as well as an Easter Break.