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"Teacher Chris and Teacher Melissa are awesome! My pre-schooler begs to go to school daily even though preschool is 3x/week. The teachers are great at teaching the students respect along with getting them ready for Kindergarten. I would recommend this preschool to anyone!"   ~Stacy Cooper

"We love BSP!!! This is our son's 2nd year and we couldn't be happier with his progress not only academically, but socially, emotionally and in his understandin and relationship with God and faith. We highly recommend this program and its loving teacher!"   ~Elise S.

"Beautiful Savior Preschool has been a great experience for my son. He has learned so much and enjoys coming to school each time."   ~Casey S.

"My child loves Beautiful Savior Preschool. At early Kindergarten registration, she was confident, excelled in the testing and ready in every other war for the next step in her education. This preschool is full of love, has extremely qualified teaching, and is fun. I'm so glad my daughter goes to BSP. The simple Bible teachings have made my child a kinder, more spiritual person. She loves Teacher Chris, and well miss her very much when preschool is over for the year. After careful research, I know there was no better place for my girl than BSP."         ~Robbie Lundhagen

"I feel like it's this little gem we found."   ~Anonymous

"Teacher Chris and Melissa are very loving and patient with the students, and also have high expectations for appropriate behavior and learning. Zoo-phonics, Bible lessons, and parties are some of our favorite things. I've sent all three of my children to Beautiful Savior and have been happy with their readiness for Kindergarten both socially and academically."    ~Michelle Boggs

"Please feel free to pass along my contact information for any families looking into this preschool for their kiddo, we've been so happy with *our son's* experience here. I'm only sorry he is moving into K in the fall and not having lived her a year prior so he could have more time with Teacher Chris and Teacher Melissa. I'm willing to give a recommendation."       ~Shana Cooper

"It's really true: it does give kids an advantage."   ~Anonymous

*Each of these reviews was copied verbatim from written submissions from parents, and have not been altered in any way.